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Acoustic wood panels installation

23 Jun 2024

Acoustic wood panels are a great way to add warmth, texture and elegance to your space. Whether you want to transform a living room, bedroom or business premises, wooden panels are a versatile choice that allows flexible and attractive design. In this blog, we will explain step by step how to install wooden panels like a true craftsman.

Before starting installation, it is crucial to properly prepare the surface. Remove all old coatings, clean and level the surface and make sure the walls are dry and solid. Next, accurately measure the area where you will install the panels and adjust the dimensions of the panels as needed.

Selection of wooden panels:
Choosing the right wood panels is crucial for the aesthetic appearance and functionality of your project. Consider the color of the panels according to your preferences and needs. Choose between colors HERE.

Preparing the Tools: Get the right tools if you need to adjust the dimensions of the wood panels, including a saw, an Olfa knife, wood panel glue or screws, and a tape measure.

Start at the Right End: Start the installation in the corner of the room or along the edge of the wall, depending on your preference. Make sure the wood panels are installed flat.

Adjust dimensions: Adjust panel dimensions to fit corners and windows as needed. Use a saw to cut the panels to size or either to cut out the parts where the sockets etc come in.

Flexible Mounting: Use wood panel adhesive to fasten the panels firmly and securely to the wall. You can also use hidden fasteners for better aesthetics. If you are installing wooden panels on the ceiling, we recommend installing them with screws.

Finishing Details: After installing all the panels, check that they are all properly attached. If you installed the wooden panels with glue for wooden panels, the glue will dry completely within 24 hours. During this time, be careful, give the wooden panels room to breathe 🙂

We recommend glue for wooden panels, which you can find in our store HERE.

Our glue for wooden panels is a thick assembly glue based on MS POLYMER. It is designed for the installation of wooden panels and highly loaded components in the construction industry.

When you have finished the installation, make sure that all the panels are securely attached and that the surface is smooth and even.

By choosing the right color of wooden panels, you will easily create an impressive and elegant look for your home or business premises. Remember to be patient and follow each step of the process carefully for best results. Happy creating!

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